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30th Frog Follies Artwork

1) Q. When should I receive my confirmation letter?
A. We start mailing out the letters toward the end of April.

2) Q. Why can't I find a hotel room, what should I do?
A. The hotels in this area fill up fast due to the large amount of people that attend the Frog Follies. If you can not find a room in this area, we suggest you still call the Hotel Availability number (1-800-433-3025) from week to week to see if anything is available. The other option is to try the cities around Evansville. Some cities to try are Princeton, IN; New Harmony, IN; Henderson, KY; Owensboro, KY.

3) Q. How do I acquire a space for Automotive Vending or Women's World?
A. See the Vendor Information page for space rentals, or call us at (812)428-3764.

4) Q. How do I know if I qualify for a vendor's space?
A. You must sell automotive parts either after market or original, automotive memorabilia such as: gas pumps, road signs etc... There are no T-shirt spaces.

5) Q. How do I know if I qualify for a Women's World space?
A. Women's World presently is full. It is on an invitational basis. We try to involve local artists and crafters only.

6) Q. Do we offer food vending booths at the Frog Follies?
A. No, we do all of the food vending ourselves. This is because all profits go to local charities.

7) Q. Can I order a Frog Follies T-shirt, Hat, etc... ?
A. Theses items must be purchased at the rod run.

8) Q. How can I get a pre-registration entry form?
A. The fastest way is to use the form on the web on-line form Click Here. All you have to do is print this form out using your web browser print function. Next, you can call the Frog Hotline (812) 428-FROG.
Or you can write to:
E'ville Iron Street Rods LTD.
P.O. Box 3011
Evansville, IN 47730

9) Q. I have questions about my registration; such as, am I registered for this years event, I have not yet received my conformation letter; I lost my confirmation number?
A. Please call the Frog Hotline (812) 428-FROG or e-mail us at .

10) Q. Can I use the Frog Follies graphics or name?
A. NO, all graphics and the word "Frog Follies" are trademarks of our rod run. You must have our written consent to use these items.

11) Q. What year of street rods can attend the event?
A. It must have been made before the year of 1949.

12) Q. What type of car is consider a street rod?
A. The car or truck must have some sort of modification to the vehicle that was not available to the car from the factory. Example: larger engine, custom paint, custom wheels, custom body parts, etc... Vehicles that are not accepted are Trikes, Jeeps, Motorized Coffins Etc.. . All vehicles that do not meet the requirements above will be asked to park in the spectator parking. E'ville Iron has the right to reject any entry.

13) Q. Why does it say I have more/less days left for pre-registration, when I know I only have this ## many?
A. The "days left" is calculated by the date that is set on your computer. If the date and time is set wrong on your computer you will get the wrong amount of days left to pre-register. If you mail your pre-registration in pass the date and say that the web site said I had this many ## days left, it will not be accepted.

14) Q. I try to view the "Vendor Registration Form", Street Rodder Pre-registration Form", but a "file download" box appears what should I do?
A. You need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader from the provided link.
adobe reader

15) Q. Why does Internet Explorer say "Pop-up blocked, to see this Pop-up or additional options click here..."
A. This is due to a Windows Update by Microsoft called Service Pack 2. The update is intended to help with pop-ups and virus. If you would like to have Internet Explorer configured so that it will allow all of the Frog Follies' content to be shown please click here and follow the instruction provided by Microsoft to allow pop-ups on our site.

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